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  • starsandstripes88888 starsandstripes88888 May 23, 2007 1:11 AM Flag

    Yes, this is why the stock has started to rally strongly higher after hours!

    TCHC is a great stock! It has been knocked and ridiculed since it dropped from approximately $20.00/share down to it's current price. It's been Unfairly knocked!

    Now, suddenly, it seems that the stock analysts have "re-discovered" this hidden gem (TCHC) with its just declared regular quarterly dividend of 18 cents per share.

    Suddenly the Hedge Funds are quietly buying up TCHC shares.

    Suddenly investors are realizing that TCHC is a huge money-making machine. TCHC set aside (in-house) $4.4 Million and instead of declaring the money as earnings last quarter, they put the $4.4 M. in a separate category - but that money is still there on TCHC's books!

    Suddenly, the day-traders have started to nibble at the stock, because many know that TCHC is very under-valued, that TCHC is probably going to rally at least 50% and maybe even double in share price -
    and very rapidly, I would add.

    Those who are Long have refused to give away their TCHC shares so cheap. They are smarter than that. They know that earlier this month TCHC was selling for nearly double in share price.

    Investors see a stock that keeps paying a regular dividend of almost 7%, a stock that should nearly double in share price very soon, and a stock that is in very limited supply

    (Less than 4.6 Million shares) -in total!

    It's supply and demand folks! Whoever holds TCHC shares will literally be holding "gold", (real gold - figuratively speaking).

    Finally, watch those TCHCZ warrants. Buying TCHCZ warrants will be something to see - It's going to rally too!

    TCHC and TCHCZ are suddenly going to be like the ancient Phoenix that was re-born from its ashes, stronger and more fantastic!

    Good luck, TCHC Longs, you deserve to watch TCHC rally back into the $20.00 to $25.00 range, and you will now see it come to be a reality!

    "Our management team and I believe that the company remains strong and well positioned for future growth and profitability," said Edward J. Lawson, chairman, CEO and president.

    So, Get Ready! Expect TCHC to move alot higher now!

    Yes, It's Rally Time!

    Sentiment : Strong Buy

    21st Century Holding Declares Dividend
    Tuesday May 22, 4:40 pm ET
    "21st Century Holding (TCHC) Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend of 18 Cents Per Share"

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