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  • deja_vu_again1 deja_vu_again1 Jun 14, 2007 12:02 PM Flag

    Here's why the stock is set to move alot higher!

    Here's some positive things that are being said about TCHC - Very positive things indeed!
    1. TCHC pays a regular, great dividend. The dividend payout is 72 cents/share (OVER 6.4%), and according to the company, the dividend payout should continue into the forseeable future!

    2. The CEO stated, during the recent CC presentation, that TCHC expects to declare an additional "bonus dividend" on top of its regular dividend ("to be paid out later this year").

    3. It's been said that 21st Century Holding Company's CEO is "extremely experienced, bright, and aggressive" and can be expected to do something dramatic to boost up the share price of TCHC, and very soon, they add." Today the company announced a stock buy-back program.
    That usually indicates that the company thinks that its stock is under-valued.

    "TCHC earnings estimates look very good, very positive, very impressive!"

    "Our management team and I believe that the company remains strong and well positioned for future growth and profitability," said Edward J. Lawson, chairman, CEO and president.

    TCHC - "Dirt cheap, good growth going forward"

    "After recent price decline, this stock is on sale"

    "Excellent reward/risk ratio!"

    "Good valuation, good time to buy, seems like a good well-run company!"

    "Good results should weather any storms this season"

    "Great company ---- low p/e ---- Likely a take-over candidate"

    "Good enough for my money"

    "TCHC-a solid company with good management selling at a good discount to the overall market"

    "There is no doubt that TCHC is oversold."

    "Need to be bought now and held for a double"

    "Wait till the official earnings numbers are posted for the quarter. Then you will really see this stock rally -
    a major rally is coming!"

    "It is almost the end of June. Earnings will be great this quarter. Dividend is great. Only place to go is up, up and away."

    I expect that most all of the premiums that TCHC has collected this year will still be in TCHC's accounts as "pure profit", and will be declared to be earnings!

    Remember, if TCHC does not have to pay out many claims, then TCHC gets to keep that money, and we as shareholders will get to share in the earnings profits (which I expect to be somewhere between "great" and "fantastic").

    When TCHC hands out their regular dividends,and then add to that the additional bonus dividends that TCHC will grant later this year, and then watch as TCHC's stock price rallies, and there you've got a winner - a spectacular winning stock that investors everywhere will want to buy into, will want to own shares in TCHC.


    "The time to buy TCHC is right now - imo"

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