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  • e_f_nuthin e_f_nuthin Jul 8, 2007 7:11 PM Flag

    isn't anybody ever gonna pay attention to the 10 yr.

    The 10 yr is now at 5.19% when is anybody gonna report that it is climbing again. The headlines are still saying the ten year is falling and that is why the markets have shrugged of the $72 oil. I'm sure the gov. report due this week will be wonderful, so the bullshit will continue to flow in from the Bush puppets. Don't trust anything the gov. says as long as Bush is in office. He is worse than the Enron boys ever were. This will go down in history as the greatest bilking, (beating out Enron, Tyco, and my personal favorite World Com.)ever, inflation is non-existant, yeah right, not in my budget. My groceries have increased 20% easy this year alone, forget my elec. bills, and gas for my vehicles, oh yeah they don't count because it isn't core, I guess shit like blue jeans, cd players, dvd players, are the things that I need the most. What a crock of shit gov. reports are! Any response is welcome. I'd say short the Dia soon maybe just a little more up then short, especially if the ten year keeps rising, but not short for long, just a couple/three dollars and the gov. will come to the rescue, bet on it.

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    • e_f:

      Re: inflation

      Some "good" long-term measures of US CPI (consumer price inflation):

      A) 1st Class Postage Stamp:
      1953.....3 cents
      2007....41 cents
      That's +1,266.67% increase in 54 years...or +4.96% avg. p.a

      B) Loaf of Bread (16 oz):
      That's +831.25% increase in 54 years...or +4.22% avg. p.a

      C) Gasoline (1 gal):
      That's +910.34% increase in 54 years...or +4.38% avg. p.a

      D) Family Sedan (a Ford):
      That's +1,317.79% increase in 54 years...or +5.03% avg. p.a

      E) Average Family Income (annual)
      54 971.58%
      That's +971.58% increase in 54 years...or +4.49% avg. p.a

      Above statistics courtesy of MetLife (so they may be a bit biased toward their agenda).... but, nevertheless, I think one can comfortably make the case that the LONG-TERM (50 year) US inflation rate is in the region of 5+ %.

      Of course, "the best"/truest indicator (IMHO) would be the % increase in Congressmen's salaries in about the same time period....that info would be "PRICELESS"!

    • You are right on the money! short the market to zero on November 2008. Trust me, I know how the Shakspear boys work, I am thier cousin!!

      its ok if you did not get that one.

      Good luck.

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