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  • nicaboynecorp Jul 11, 2007 6:45 PM Flag


    I am an importer of goods from china, and all of my suppliers have announced, effective immediately, that a 12% increase in goods is now in effect. This is due to the yuan appreciation, and the pressure on the chinese gov't to stop with subsidizing of goods. Personally, i don't think it is a coincidence that the increase was initiated just before christmas buying begins.

    anybody want to guess how much stuff comes in from china? Anybody also want to guess how much of that 12% will be passed to the consumers?

    this isn't food and gas which the government is overlooking when calculating inflation (that's another story why those items don't count, since everybody eats and drives), this is basically everything that is in a walmart.

    mark your calendar...figure 30-60 for ocean shipments to hit store shelves, and prices to begin going up, and the fed to be forced to raise rates. This, plus defending the dollar, means higher rates.

    everybody be warned...

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