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  • soylaberga soylaberga Sep 2, 2007 1:16 AM Flag

    Please bail me out


    I am a burger flipper and bought a $400,000 home. I refinanced 3 times in 8 months but I can't refinance no more.
    Please give me another mortgage, I can pay $300 a month is that ok?
    Thanks Bernanke and Bush you are my hero's

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    • bartsimpsonsrottenlittlebrother bartsimpsonsrottenlittlebrother Sep 14, 2007 10:15 PM Flag

      WOW,only $400k? You must have got in before the prices went up,lucky dog.Nothing for $400k a lot of places.

    • No problem.
      I am son of RTC.
      In the 80's, banks were going to collapse from the over inflated, overbought, over leveraged commercial real estate market. The banks didn't want to lose any money from their risky bets, so my Dad RTC came in and bailed them all out at the taxpayers expense. RTC became the landlord and owner of worthless real estate they paid full price for to the lending banks, and sold them for pennies on the dollar.
      When my Dad RTC did this, Citi was $9.00 a share.
      Post split, its about $200.
      I am son of RTC, and I will gladly take taxpayer's money to bail your sorry ass out, provided you vote Democrat, are a raging liberal,feel that illegal aliens should get more care than soldiers coming home from Iraq, and that its more important to repeal the Patriot Act instead of averting another 9/11 disaster.

    • Hey Dude, your $300/a month could buy you lots of dates. Forget about mailing it into the mortage office.

      Don't pay those bas**** a single penny. 3 months hence they will refinance you into a FHASecure loan and if you don't pay there for 3 months, they will forgive your debt.

      Essentially you will have bought your house for free. the suck** american taxpayers have lots of money anways so they can easily pay for your house.

      Think of ways to get another mortgage and try to buy a second vacation home now. Time to buy is now.

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