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  • burlapbros_98 burlapbros_98 Mar 6, 2008 3:37 PM Flag

    Paulson's Plunge Team DIA manipulation today

    At least in China, you expect the government to be putting out propaganda. Here the average guy thinks he is getting real info! And now there is no M3 report to show how these crooks are printing money faster and faster (from 7 trillion in 2001 to 14 trillion in circulation today!!) Wonder why gold and silver have tripled and still flying.

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    • Today they didn't have enough resources to fight the news on the AMBAC law suite and the no bailout news for AMBAC along with the foreclosures. The did manage to hold commodities down even with the dollar tanking and inflation clearly rising, which there plan B when they can not prop the stock market up.

      Here is a link (which I will post separately)that gives what I believe is a good well informed estimate of M3 and interesting data you don't always get from the government information sources:

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