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  • multilevel007 multilevel007 Dec 8, 2007 11:25 PM Flag


    We need $3 billion a day in foreign investment to keep this economy afloat. China holds over $1.5 trillion in US T-bills and is threatening to sell them; nix that, IS selling them. BTW, the Arabs are selling them too--what do you think the $7 billion investment in Citi was all about?

    To insure that sovereigns keep buying our paper we need to get the yield up on the 2 and 10 year notes ASAP, and you sure as hell don't do that by cutting interest rates, do you professor?

    A) Cutting rates causes people to pull money out of bonds and buy stocks.
    B) This drives down yields even more.
    C) This causes foreigners to bail from the US T-bills and sell dollars.
    D) End result: No foreign money. No US economy.

    A+B+C=D. Get it?

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