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  • multilevel007 multilevel007 Dec 20, 2007 3:48 PM Flag

    DIA is being manipulated, by Paulson's PPT

    As usual who ends up subsidizing the greedy sleazy mortgage companies who wrote NINJA loans to people who couldn't afford a chicken coup? Who bails out the banks that packaged this worthless subprime crap into CDOs and then spread this slime all over the financial system? Who pays for the poltical largesse of the corrupt Washington politicians that now want to bail out the entire country? Of course. It's you. And me. It' the average American taxpayer as always who foots the bill.

    Every dollar pumped into the system by Bernanke and Paulson means the dollars in your savings account, your 401k or IRA are WORTH LESS.

    There's only one way out. The banks need to write it off. No more Paulson Ponzi schemes. No more Bernanke puts. The banks just need to write off the losses and let the chips fall where they may. It's that simple, and harsh.

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    • Oh yeah!
      Paulson also wants to see DIA around 136.03 before the end of the year....

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      • I don't think you understand. What the Fed and PPT have done is totally throw off the normal market cycle. They have injected foreign DNA into the market and the consequences of that are completely unknown. Where once there was a leg there now could be an arm or a spleen. Where once there was a navel you could now find a head. What they have done is not just prop up the market. It is far more horrifying. They have genetically altered the market. So much so that no one (and I have been talking to market analysts all day) is able to predict what the next move will be. The DOW could go to 20,000 by the end of Jan. Or it could go to zero. Do you understand? These arrogant mad scientists have done more damage than anyone realizes. I don't even care about the money at this point. I dread what the future will bring. It will be a nightmare of monstrous proportions. You don't see it now but wait until the new year. You will.

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