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  • kapstav kapstav Oct 2, 2009 12:13 PM Flag

    Worst Job Report in 26 years and DOW Positive

    The feds & the banks showing what they are capable of !
    Heinous shit. Biggest corruption since the dawn of humanity.

    Thank You!

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    • Futures up 50+ pts. .Like the job report never happened. Now all we need is for the companies to meet lowered #'s , say things are better, which is really the only thing a ceo does, and boom, we'll be back at 11K before you know it. The worse the news , the higher it goes.

    • This maybe the start of some selling off. Take profits, and quit whining.

    • Its all bs. It just shows that yesterdays sell-off was due to how the #'s are released early to only a select few. Market probally more crooked now than ever, since GS and all the like work for the gov now and have promised a higher market, to build confidence, thus make the Mesiah look good, as long as the gov continues to give them bail-out $$$$ at no cost. This market has gone up on no merit and bad fundamentals, but it will also go higher because big $$$ always wins and logic always looses. Do the opposite of what the news and facts dictate and you will prosper. Try to use fundamental analysis and you will loose

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      • I hear ya. My first "investing" mistakes were thinking what they said in SEC filings was correct, that fundamentals was how to value a company, and that the people on Wall St. are basically honest.

        Boy was I stupid. It's all about making a buck no matter how and no matter who you screw in the process. There are no rules for those Wall St. scum bags. Rules (morals) only apply to the little people.

    • Are you implying the markets are manipulated and controlled by untouchable ultra rich corporations, individuals and politicians to further line their pockets with far more money than they will ever be able to spend in a lifetime?

      The nerve of those people. Ya think they could share a little once in a while. What is wrong with those people?

    • Don't worry. It's going down hard today. This morning's activity back to 9500 reminds me of a deer in the headlights. Perfectly healthy looking, then stunned, then splat. Get ready to put it out of it's misery (gun shot).

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