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  • storagelh storagelh Oct 21, 2009 9:17 PM Flag

    Big reversal today

    It matters, and has been slowly in the cards but the big gov $$$ keeps pouring in to keep this bogus market inflated. There won't be much of a sell-off though because the gov wants people to go out and run up there credit cards again, for the Christmas bs recovery. Market is more overvalued than anytime in history, but hey, don't stop the printing press, or for that matter the hype machine of cnbc. Now that would be taboo !! Almost as bad as watching foxx

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    • Most FOX/FNC hosts agree with everything you just said. Does that make you as bad as they are? Since I agree with your comments as well, that makes me as "bad" as FNC, too.

    • The new mantra is to hold your position for future the next five years - the only change is your position should be "short". It is an outrageous valuation as well internationally - we have become like intern markets -wild volatility. This is not something to blame Fox network. All of them including

      CNN MSNBC NYT CBS etc are all tied to commercial sponsors, neg news doesn't sell, wealth and increase valuation does. It is the same for Reuters and international.

      Some of the networks have a shocking similarity in the "news" for the day including spouting the same adjectives along with very narrow surveys. They seem to spend alot of time criticizing websites, radio, and other networks who don't agree with them.

      The great survey done right is do you think this nation is headed in the right direction? Like who says everyone polled has the same goals, beliefs, and thoughts - but that is great feel good survey. How about a poll for the baseball playoffs - do you think the yankees are headed in the "right" direction?

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