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  • miltonmclaughlin miltonmclaughlin Dec 1, 2010 7:45 PM Flag

    111 PUT at 1.oo buck. I TOLD YA>>>

    I told ya this market would POP and the 111 put would be 1.oo. Go read my post from last week if you dont believe it. I got 2000 bucks on the DEC PUT at 1.00. I told ya this was going to happen. I want to get at least 50% to 80% return in 1 week. You have to wait in this market and let your play set up. Now what is going to happen??? let me tell you... People are going to start talking about RUN RUN going to 12,000 blah blah... All these people are going to come in and get their head chopped off. This market is done. you wait and see by Friday 10th I will be 1000 to 1500 bucks richer..... I LOVE THIS DIA.... NOTE: It could run up a little more I will just buy more like I did last time. I will keep you Posted.

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    • have alot of courage..I wish you well....but you might be eating spam after this

    • I think you're spot on for a trader, but everyone should realize that you're trading options. In for a few days and out. High risk and high reward.
      Others may trade the ETF or even use the ETF as a proxy to a mutual fund.
      A word to the wise - never put more than 20% of your investable funds in a single strategy.
      I'm long the long term (6 months China, India) long the mid term (3 months Latin America and Emerging markets) and long the short term (2 weeks DIA and SPY)
      We will experience a shorter term pull back to 111 (a few days) but for some it's just too hot and risky.
      I traded QLD earlier this year and found it too hot.
      My personal speculative money is 25% (long) at EOD today and ease in to 100% over the next few days to a week (long) if the market agrees.
      The TSI bounced off zero today and while it won't go far I'll be in on the way down looking for a 114.50 to short.
      We're oversold in the time frame I look at.
      Different strokes my friend.

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      • Great POST Jester, I agree and disagree.

        IF you read my earlier post. (i always post go back and read my post. did not pick up one and run with it.) IF you are an investor this is not the post for you. I am a Trader of options on the DIA normally one month out options. So if you are doing something else read another post. JESTER you are correct. Now I disagree with risk/reward OptionS Your risk is what you put on the option. WHEN I first started I only put 100 buckS on an option on CHK. Now if you brought the stock out right the would have been 100 X $25 a share. (now that is RISK)You risk less with options. now i know what Jester is thinking... They expire...DEC 18 He is right but you dont have to buy one month out options you can buy 6 months out if you want to....

        Great post Jester... Now go back to my post. ITs time for them to fool you into this run. YOu are going to read stuff like. EURO is good now, us jobs are better. Korea IS great noww.. blah blah and you are going to get long. I used to think that to. THEN i would get HIT.... For those who don't read my post just watch and read me for a while. YOU WILL SEE.... THIS MARKET USED TO TRICK ME . NO MORE... THIS IS MY LAST TRADE ON THIS BOARD ALL FUTURE TRADES WILL BE ON WWW.BLOG.WHUTUWANT.COM JUST PUT THE 111 PUT ON YOUR WATCHLIST AND WATCH. READ THE NEWS, LISTEN TO FASY MONEY AND ALL THE CRAP... RUN RUN .....WATCH SHORT TIME IS HERE. SHORT TOPS BUY BOTTOMS.

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