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  • bhamabo bhamabo Jan 3, 2011 1:42 PM Flag

    Dia $120 by Friday!!!!!

    $120 hear I come..........................................

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    • Is this Friday possible?

    • I'm guessing 115 and down big next week, once they lure enough suckers in. Gas just busted thru $3 here, 3.30 for super unleaded. Bernanke wants inflation and he's getting it, but the problem is, he won't be able to stop the train. Thats what we need in a recession. Oh , I forgot , the recession ended a year ago. Maybe thats why my home values continue to decline.

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      • Kiplinger forecasts 4-Jan-11 12:56 am
        1) 3.5% GDP growth in 2011.
        2) 9.0% unemployment at end of year.
        3) Dow 12,500 by the end of the year.
        4) euro will weaken against the dollar. No prices mentioned.
        5) Saturday mail delivery will end.
        6) Oil prices will fail to top $100 a barrel.
        7) Sarah Palin will announce she isn't running in 2012.
        8) Jeb Bush will be the nominee for the GOP if he wants it - but he will choose to wait until 2016.
        9) The GOP nomination will come down to Romney or Mitch Daniels.

      • Market historical rule:
        If first 5 trading stock is greeen and high then DOW 14,500 for 2011
        DIA $145 to $150
        and that is make DIA $120 to $125

        I agree with all your fundamentals but they will not let the market down. Recession ended but deflation took its place and Berny's new workd for deflation is "uninflationary"
        Artificial inflation many time put the economy into remision and that is our hope or expect another WAR somewhere in the world and 10 years of rebuilding and keeping the mfg jobs.

        So Bro it is Deflation that is the worse in the economic101. Yu can not creat jobs or move anything. So I really admire Berny for trying artifical boost 9 outa 10 it works.

        As far as National Debt..God bless all of us.

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