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  • storagelh storagelh Apr 11, 2011 2:57 PM Flag

    They just refuse to let the dow

    Go down. Pretty amazing when you sit back and watch the everyday action of low volume , computer driven manipulation. Just paid $4 bucks for diesel, which is the backbone of the economy, and it still doesn't ring home to Bernanke that there is no inflation. Oil is linked to the dollar, and he is slowly destroying that as well, while Washington applauds his moves. The Fed and the banks caused this housing mess, but there are zero consequences to these guys. Pretty $#%%# amazing what this country has become

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    • I think Big Ben is making a big mistake, and yes he is smarter than me, and no doubt you, since you are another Gov #$%$ up, the smart people you listen to will tell you he is in over his head , and printing $$$ and destroying the dollar is the wrong thing to do. Qe1 , qe2, whats the difference, the only people it has benefited is the banks. Did you know , the banks are borrowing $$$ from the fed, and as long as they keep it on their books and DON"T loan it out he pays them 3% interest. Lets see, borrow at zero percent and get 3 %. Why would they take risk and loan $$$ ? Time will tell, he will either be a hero or goat, but so far nothing has worked. Higher stock market, but it doesn't correlate with the ecomomy or the global state of affairs. And what will happen when he pulls the $$$ out of the market? The Fed has always said they do nothing to affect the markets and he comes out and says he's buying stocks with borrowed $$$ . Brilliant !!

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      • First off "the economy" has gone and will continue to go global, so if you and all your friends and neighbors lose their doesn't mean everything is going to hell, it just means you will need to do something different.....major shifts are in play, Bernanke is steering the behemoth and doing a fine job...he's not being conservative at all and that's the way to do it...Here's an example of one small thing you can do different. If you see prices at your local supermarket going through the roof, which most people in the US are seeing, start looking online to buy at least some of your's easier and best of all less expensive. You save gas, your time and cash.

    • maybe Bernanke knows what he is doing and you do may not be as simple as you think it is.......have you ever considered you could be wrong.....I just did.

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