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  • jbbear1929 jbbear1929 Jun 27, 2011 7:25 PM Flag


    The Fed is commoditizing the debt because trickle down economics has bankrupted our government and commoditizing the debt is causing higher commodity prices and oil. So if the republicans want to blame anyone for high oil it's their fault. We ran up debt fighting wars and the the middle class and poor spilled their blood yet the greedy rich pigs who didn't sacrifice an ounce of blood don't want their taxes to go up to pay for it. Well if you don't raise taxes to pay for government debt you have to comoditize the debt and the small guy gets hurt the most by that with higher food, gas, and clothing prices.

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    • If you want to blame somebody , look in the mirror for electing this group of clueless people in the whitehouse. Economics is simple, you can't spend more than you have, something our elected officials can't get a grip on. I think we should implode the whole system and do away with both parties, and if you don't produce, out you go !

    • What a frickin idiot. The blame Bush game is over. Our debt is from overspending on lazy people sitting at home waiting for a bailout, nothing but gov programs designed to give away $$$ to people that want handouts

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      • figured this guy from Texas...I did not see Bush mentioned.

        All one has to do is look at debt chart from 1980 on...yes Reagan thru Bush senior, Clinton, Bush W, and now Obama. In all fairness Clinton, WITH Repub Congress at least balanced the budget (annual deficits that is).

        That is the hypocrisy of politicians as we the people, should blame ourselves, because we accepted it all from lower taxes AND overspending dating back many years...some 30 years now.

        Any buffoon knows these things develop over years. All the average ignorant person can do is look at their life, get angry, and blame the residing president as if the world stopped and started fresh when they started office.

        Trickle down worked in the sense of a short-term gain. In other words look at stock market 1983 to 1987 (boom to bust under Reagan) and same with real estate...Clinton had Internet boom...Bush W (and gang) really screwed up royally with useless war (4 trillion price tag including future costs), no housing regulation, killing Glass-Steagall, NINJA loans, worse bubble in our lifetime (2001-2008 boom to bust) can't argue this egregious failure if want to play that game...sure need some action but they overdid...Fed Reserve also. Obama also contributed but the picture painted by "just say no" Repubs is shameful and manipulative...wave a flag and say I am patriotic..rewrite history...blame media...power games...amazing the ignorance of average Americans. They buy this stuff hook, line, and sinker.

        It is a merry-go-round where wanna-be politicians promise and desperate, gullible people accept, never thinking ahead. Here is some money, true it is borrowed but we can ignore that for now, is the promise. Trickle down, Keynesian economics, voodoo economics, etc. Time to pay the bills people and cut spending...both measured.

        So sure there is a double standard.

        Why can't super wealthy pay more taxes say 5%, why not extend SS retirement age? why can't oil industry give up subsidies? pull some troops out of foreign countries?

        Obama is practical at least and the Repubtards live an ideology that has gotten us here, b/c they want the power back. The hate a black man in charge. White, aristocratic Southerners with drowl, who almost destroyed the Us with slavery...more ideology vs reality.

        A true American would offer and sacrifice something after all they go on last 30 years.

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