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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 14, 2011 6:41 PM Flag

    Mr. President and Congress

    For once in the political realm let us hope you are ALL NOT SCHILLS.

    Providing TAX incentives to companies that are backed by BIG OIL who alreay make a ton of money is just another way of sticking it to the AMERICAN TAX PAYER.

    Let them fend for themselves and build out their own infrastructure for Natural Gas as they have been but are lobbying for more money.

    Stop F'n the American Citizen constantly by now giving the same SCHILLS Tax incentives to get a product out of the ground that they charge obscene prices for!!

    If your going to SUBSIDIZE and NURTURE any industry it should be TRUE ALTERNATIVE energy plays such as SOLAR, WIND and TIDAL techonologies.


    For some reason they think that using Millions of gallons of fresh water compouned with mand made solutions isn't using resources or contaminating the EARTH.


    Please post your sentiments on the subject as well.

    POST at the link below. Please.

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    • I don't care about Republicans and Democrats. They are all crooks. But if my energies go toward what they do instead of what I do, I lose on all counts. Forget them and just do what you can do. Your anger will get you no where. It's a waste of time and energy.

    • "Your agenda is nothing less than a replication of the French Revolution."

      great so you want us to eat not even cake, but flour?

    • You are so mis-led or mis-leading with such statments.

      Did you watch C-SPAN 2 last night regarding the Natural Gas and Oil Commison with Salazar. That hearing exmplifies why people hate Republicans.

      You want to talk about how motivated every REPUBLICAN politican is when it comes to Oil and Gas companies?
      Its sickening.

      They want us to give them the right to drill for oil and gas but yet they don't pay ROYALTIES TO THE US OR ITS CITIZENS when they mine on public land. Why?

      Did you understand that? Is that clear to you the ramifications of that statement. There is no filibustering or ear banging requried.

      "If I were you, I would just be happy that you live in a country where opportunity abounds in spite of the president and the Congress. There is no question that they are obstacles, but they can be overcome."

      Thanks for the table scraps to the middle class. I get it. Cycle runs as follows...

      1. put people to work
      2. sell them shars at high prices for their 401K
      lay people off
      3. make them sell 401K to support families at low prices
      4. buy them back at high prices!
      5. repeat cycle.

      ...we ge it

      "Your agenda is nothing less than a replication of the French Revolution."

    • u suk

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      • You need to study economics. Your entire premise is based upon emotional irrationality. It only takes common sense to realize that Congress is taxing you via corporations.

        Corporations are not real. They are entities created for legal purposes. It's just like your real estate tax. Your house doesn't pay the tax, you do. The only problem is that you have no one to transfer your tax liability. Corporations, partnerships, and even sole proprietors have the capacity to pass the tax on to the consumer one way or the other.

        That's why Congress attacks corporations and small business by demonizing them so they can tax you via them and make you think they are doing you a favor. That's how stupid they think you are and it seems as though you are obliging them.

    • I agree. Big corporations should not receive tax benefits nor should they be taxed. When you tax a corporation, it is a tax on the public. Corporations do not pay taxes. They simply pass the tax on to the consumer in one of three ways. Increase the price of the product or service if competition will allow it. Reduce the labor force in order to remain profitable. Cut the dividend which affects anyone in a pension retirement plan. All three methods of passing the tax to the consumer or employees just hurts the little guy. The corporate tax is just another way to tax us, taking money out of our left back pocket.

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