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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 5, 2012 7:40 PM Flag

    Ode to the molestation of the American Citizen

    You say if you don't like how this country is run, "leave". We say NO THANK YOU, we want justice and equality words that echo in the Declaration of Independence but are under assault and have been wronged to current events.

    The old men of Congress haven't realized the AMERICAN DREAM they are destroying so all but a shell of its former self and when this regime of traitors called the Democrats and Republicans does finally topple just as SADDAM'S and HITLER'S did along with countless other regimes, its citizens will lasso the reminders of yester year to hurl them to the ground and start anew without them.

    Our's leaders are even more evil, the others had no shame and did horrors in the day whereas our regime lurks in the shadows. They cloak it with words like "Chapter 11" which should be called, "The molestation of the individual investor"! They start wars on foreign soils and look for phantom WMDs and stand in front of the flag while their cronies prosper and bankrupt this nation. They run witch trials of "insider trading" while the politicians practice it for DECADES themselves and continue modus operandum. They slip men and women into the cracks and count them no more just so to keep the illusion of a low unemployment rate. They play GOD and decide which companies live and which die and "EQUALITY" is lost, their is no TRUE JUSTICE for she is to be blind yet she ogles and make choices of which corporations are saved while others are sent to the hell fires.. They attack their own with extreme prejudice and excuse it with words such as the "free market" and "invisible hand". Corporations and Politicians have become so intertwined that words such as "CORPERICA" are born and its citizens are crushed daily.

    Secretly we are looking for evil men like John Holmes to turn into heroes if they can channel their energy towards those who deserve it. Are these the aspirations that we have to cling to? Or shall the citizens of the United States march hand in hand upon the capitals of its states to send a message of peace at first for demanding change only to follow a clenched hand if the tongue's of the US citizens needs are not met by the REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

    The American Citizen's Soul has been willowed away the heart has been harvested and we are left to wander a wretched existence and our ancestors look down upon us in shame that so many have let so few destroy what they ALL worked so hard for through out the history of this NATION. You might as well pull a no. 1 on the flag if your going to allow them to pull a no. 2 on it daily.

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