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  • jforuus jforuus May 20, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    The TRUE MATH of this rally and past 5 years.

    5 Years X 3 Billion people = 15 Billion Years!

    That is how you do the math.

    Now bringing the market back to previous highs ....

    Well now increase the money supply by 50% as they have...

    15 Billion Years * 1.5= 22.5 Billion Years.

    Now how do they propose to give that back to us? They don't, they hope the simpletons can not calculate but they forge they have forged intellectual slaves across the globe and we can all count and communicate now. Since you can't realize not to vote for both POS parties, regardless if they put a BLACK man in office or next a WOMAN, who gives a F!! Stop playing into their hands.


    The old high was 14,195

    Current high is 15,300?

    15,300 / 14,196 = 1.08

    Net gain of 8% in 5 years

    Not ratio the money supply..of 50%

    your short 42%, do you get it? Ok fine, we paid out 50% of it in entitle programs. we are still short 21%, you an I both know if the IRS were to put out a chart of gross wealth of each and every Senator and Congressmen (both POS), not how much they claimed on their taxes but their bank accounts you would ask your children to come back from the armed forces and in foreign soil and start our own militias to free us from the FINANCIAL TERRORIST in office.(perhaps one of our sons and daughters will are gifted in the world of boolean searches and algorithms will expose them, for the sake of their grandparents and children.)

    We should be looking to encircle Congress and start removing them quickly and with prejudice!!!

    Please share such topics of conversation with other, they collude upon the lies and you shall collude upon the truth. This is how you justify overthrowing this current political regime that has continued to fail the US Citizen continuously.

    The MATH NEVER LIES, even they can not manipulate it.

    Why isn't the media presenting such truths instead they are all excited about getting only 8% of the 42% which would bring us back to EQUILIBRIUM, NOT A NET GAIN.

    Mr. President please post this to doors of Congress!

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    • They are too busy trying to confuse you with terrorist plots, Korea and China are the enemies...

      Creating an agency with a nice name like "HOMELAND SECURITY"....

      c'mon give us a F'ng break!

      You know they did that in the CCCP - KGB, Germany - SS and many others in AFRICA who carried out genocide.

      If history teaches us anything, men in power must be removed by removing your children from their hands before we the parents and grandparents make one last ditch effort to protect our children and their futures.

      Hollywood needs to stop playing into this "Olympus Has Fallen" type movies they are using you. Why don't they concentrate of movies like "super size" or expose one career politician a year in a movie? that would be doing your civic duty...take the loss at the box office and spread the truth, use their tactics and loopholes on them.

      Mr. President please post this on the doors of Congress so they do not ask the question, "why?" later on when they are being tried in tribunals and their accumulated family wealth being striped from them. The US Citizen is on the precipice of a great awakening with intelligentsia abound. There will be no phones calls to be made to stop the rioting, not this time I fear, since man's nature is always to turn into violence.

      For the record I do not advocate such violence.

      Please copy and paste this post to friends and family, let us collude upon the truth while these men play "the game" what they call STEALING OUR MONEY or else snuff your children (future) in their bed and give your grandparents a kick in the head and tel them to "get back to work"!

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