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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 5, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    The lie and hoax of the CEF INDUSTRY

    So the pseudo journalists do not want to Destroy the entire CEF industry because they fear it will crush the US Economy once again.

    The pseudo journalists do not expose such things.

    Try getting a $100K interest free loan from a bank!!

    This entire industry is a house of cards and your only power is to vote people out ritually and stop career politicians from strangling anymore of America's future for the sake of self preservation of office.

    We should be ashamed to call ourselves as Americans in front of those that actually stood up to tyranny and over taxation.

    We put men in office that find the support of lesser men and women who do not have the horse sense to stop breeding like roaches so they become embedded in the Republican and Democratic Welfare States Of The America.

    John Rocker had some truth in his statement, its time we all just stopped working and let the system crash on itself. F it , we just need a nice size garden. Those pseudo journalists can spin anything to sensationalize a story for more sales. You have one kid because you care for his future and we all have to pay for these mongers who have 6 and work at the corner deli as a full time position as a clerk. We have to pay for this?

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

    Mr. President nail this to the doors of Congress and stop with the BS stories you say in front the lens, speak the truth always and stop covering up for the 3 centuries of violation by Congress and its not so fine people.

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    • Is the SEC going to fix this or just wait for the next crash and then suddenly everyone is a leading intelligentsia on the subject matter?

      I don't think it will matter if the next President is black, brown, yellow, women, transvestite, the US Citizen is at wits end and is ready to revolt the system that continues to fail them.

      Please vote and talk to all about your votes so the criminal in congress don't fix the vote again, cough cough, Jeb Bush Florida election.

      You think these men are honorable when it comes to their civic duty?

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