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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 15, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    The OPERATIVE equation in motion

    1. Steal the 401K money
    2. Funnel it to the banking community.
    3. Print more currency.

    The second item entails that they are satisfied and do not create more issues for the political realm though the political realm does not realize or fails to realize in their own self grandeur that they can and will be eventually ousted as being defunct to nations(s). A result perhaps not seen by the men who have been pulling the strings for so long, terms of centuries that they eventually will be sought out just as Bin Landen was sought out and held responsible.

    The third item is a recipe to help quell the masses and use their simpleton mind set against them, yet the simpletons of the 17th century were not as far advanced as the simpletons of this century named the middle class.

    The only resolution left now to remove such men from power is not to go after men in the political arena but to demand the politicians and armies of the world to go after the men who have been in charge of controlling and pulling the strings of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens.

    I hate to reference Adolopo Jheetler but there was a reason why he chose to committ genocide just as our fore fathers chose to committ genocide. He believed for him to have absolute power requried him to remove those in control of currency. This currency manipulation and control was held by a specific group in his discoveries. That being said, these bankers have been rewared several fold in cash and gold while the middle class worth has been halved. Increasing the money supply and inflating the dollar gives the illusion of increasing the middles class net worth to respectable levels when in earnest this is not the case. The actual case happens to be that the money stolen from the middle class has only increased the net worth of these bankers.

    I am surprised that the CIA,FBI and NSA have not outlined "white papers" and presented them to the media, why not? Are you defenders of the US Citiizen or

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    • or ams of manipulation for the other team who have infiltrated us in every avenue and roam amongst us all in plain view? Perhaps the general and captains have been compromised or blinded whatever the case may be but the underlings the current lieutenants of these pillars and advocates of the justice and equality of the US Citizen will need to rise. You may secretly beieve men like Eric Snowden are not persons of malice but frustrated people who have little or no avenues to demand justice for their countrymen?

      We are counting on you along with the young journalists penetrating this old school train of thought to illuminate the adverse movements of the US Citizen by others who some of our own are in bed with.

      It is upto you to live upto a simple pledge as the boy scouts oath :

      "and my country help keep the United States a strong and fair nation by learning about our system of government and your responsibilities as a citizen and future voter."

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      • You have to question such things when companies like GE and GM are manipulated to brink of despair and thrown off the cliff, respectively.

        If it is a fight they want then a fight we should give them, you will have to share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

        Our votes will be the in the fore front of it all.

        We will have to elect non-Republicans and non-Democrats into positions of power with men on platforms of the willingness to bring JUSTICE to the US Citizen at ALL COST.

        There are wars that are justified, such as when others come and take what you have toiled for so long and hard. These are the wars that are justified and the citzenship is always willing to fight in. Let us go and take what is ours what that has been Stolen from us. The first step wil be to right our leadership in every station of the political realm, Corp America must be reminded it is "America" that gave them what they have, the US Citizen is America.

        This war must be a silent waged war with out bloodshed from our part, with out fires on main street but thunderous at the voting poles. Messages must be sent, you let them send your children to die for their gain, it is time you send your children to the voting booth for the Millions who have so much stolen and been forced back to the work force to work like oxen beasts for the last few breaths of their lives after they made the conscience decision to save and be responsible citizens and family heads.

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