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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 5, 2014 2:19 PM Flag


    Make no mistake the SEC is never going to arrest and spill the blood of Senator, Congressman or House Of Representative basically all the people responsible for the initial insider trade that is the seed of corruption in Wall St. that has blossomed into a near 3 century OAK. It is time to chop that OAK down, citizens will have to go forthright with gloves and axes in hand. This monumental fall will not occur at the hands of poliiticans but everyday citizens who will have to start voting out these Republicans and Democrats which will be phase 1 to be simultaneous by destroying Corp-America's strong hold as well as their agents of chaos called lobbyists. The enemy of this great nation has been indentified, spread the word. Share such topics of conversation with other as the dinner table.

    Do you know how many members of Congress are involved with insider trading? To know so, one would allow their child to be left alone with a Roman Catholic Priest before he trusted them, correct Mary Jo White and Preet B.?

    Members of Congress need to be brought to justice, regardless what 2 degrees of separation of guidance you get from a President or Speaker of the Hous, etc.

    This nations demands their blood (voting them out) to be spilled for a cleansing and purge of corruption that is blanketed with civility and generations of socializing.

    Not too hard to set up a sting to catch the nefarious activity! Unless you tell them the magic number they need to stay beneath before the SEC investigation can be launched. Let us change that number and keep it secret to catch the #$%$ of Congress - 68%? The sword must be brought to their necks, the pen I mean! So while you enjoy football season this year, remember these men continue to execute plans to molest the future of your children, your grandparent and you! No woman or Black President will change their behavior, they put them up so you can be hushed for another decade while they have orgies raping your children's future.

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    • Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table. The coward sends IRA to do intimidation instead of standing up and burning down everything around him that has been compromised. Putin most likely started off with those tactics, except this nation won't EVER allow a man like Russia's PUTIN to be a head and blatantly disrespect it, they must do it using handshakes behind closed doors like roaches.

      All these serial killers in this world, you would think they would want a challenge like Putin (Time Magazine 2005 Man of the Year recipient, what a joke!) instead of a commoner they prey on. Just saying. Killing a John Lennon vs. a man who has had his hand in stealing $75 Billion and murdering over 300 journalists? Not that I in any way encourage violence, just thinking aloud.

      Please START voting for Non-Republican and Non-Democrats at your local level.

      The SEC must start swing the hatchet to cut the heads of this Corrupt Congress, do they have a strong enough leader? Are the Captains of these ORG chart un-compromised?

      Thus far the SEC is nothing more than just a puppet organization for this Congress until we see Dozens of its members fall who TRULY are guilty of such activities.


      For those who think it doesn't happen every day, YOU ARE FOOLS and this is why you are poor and your children's future molested while you stay stubborn and unwilling to do a simple thing such as not voting for these molesters called Congress and compound it with your inability to ask your family members not to vote for these molesters.

      Mr, President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

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      • They have taken so much and left so little what more do we have to lose?

        Teach your children at an early age to hate Democrat and Republicans at an Early age.

        Teach them as you teach them the word good and bad.

        Instill in them our own financial terrorists in the political system.

        Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

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