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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 21, 2014 7:21 AM Flag

    Market is ready for a REVOLUTION? CNBC Wake UP!! and speak the truth.

    It understands that the CROOKS of WALL ST. are not to be tolerated ONE IOTA !!

    It understands the pawns and rooks they have in place in CONGRESS will be the first to BE TAKEN OFF THE BOARD IN THE GAME afterwards the CROOKS PLAYING the game LEVELS of separation will be removed.

    This nation's CITIZEN than will be willing to cross borders for VENGEANCE and SEEK RETRIBUTION from those that have had their own agenda manifested in this nations political and financial system for so long.

    Perhaps that is why the market is roaring and shall continue to roar and we WILL NOT FORGET of their past failure and betrayal of the US CITIZEN.

    GRAND PARENTS are teaching their grand children the EVILS OF THE REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRAT CONGRESS. The future voters will PURGE both from the political system.

    This Congress is up against the wall and they KNOW it.

    Please take it down by 50% so you can be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM OFFICE.

    You think the 90M unemployed which will turn into 140M will not be marching on the WHITE HOUSE and than crossing borders to exact JUSTICE? What else move on the board do they have left? We won't be sending men across borders either.

    Please share such thoughts of conversation with others at the dinner table.

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress and the DOORS OF THE SEC.

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    • We want our EFFF'n Money from GM you stole, how do you have GM cars littering every parking lot, garage and street meanwhile you STEAL OUR MONEY !! #$%$.

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      • We don 't want the ILLUSION OF DUE DILIGENCE that CNBC or Congress like to portray, We are all going to have to start rising like an ERIC SNOWDEN did in some capacity. The guy sacrificed himself and his way of life to give you truth about how they who are in power have use technology as an arm to advance their agendas which are NEVER in sync with the agenda of the US Citizen but merely in tow with keeping BLINDERS upon us.

        So all of you BOOLEAN SEARCHERS remember it is your families and generations of them that will be the oppressed. At the moment you sit in the chair pressing those keys for such men, make no mistake they will sacrifice you and your families just another piece on the chess board for their agenda.

        When you commit those crimes in the name of National Security, Defense and Political Stability make no mistake these are all just words for them to pacify and help you deal with the INJUSTICE of the actions that you have become an arm of manipulation for.

        Grandparents need to start recognizing we are infiltrated by men who call themselves AMERICANS but truly are nothing more than men self absorbed with a unquenchable thirst for power who wrap themselves in Ole Betsy and utter commands that if one should question they are to be QUESTIONED themselves.

        You say otherwise.

        Perhaps Jon Corzine and MFS Global were nothing more than just an ATM of the US CITIZEN, a debt that had to be paid? $1.6B debt or more most likely. Why isn't he and the entire BOD of MFS in prison or serving 5 of possible 50 years? Wake up, see the big picture from the birds eye view.

        We won't be able to purge it until we have both parties out of office and even than then legacies will remain under smaller factions in our political system, but it will be a start and message to those with in our borders sitting in Congress and those in Corporate seats.

        Start teaching your grand kids who the EVIL is and how it is manifested in our political system.

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