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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 24, 2014 4:28 PM Flag

    How do you clean up this country?

    Don't let the Evil Republicans and Evil Democrats in Congress tell you otherwise !!

    2. Carreer prisoner who are in jail currently are asked to clean up the mess after the EXECUTION. Let them watch pigs eat the carcasses of these Death Row inmates. INSTAND REHABILITATION.
    3. Bring back all of our boys and girls across the ways. Let them shoot Canadians and Mexicans trying to enter the borders illegally.
    4. Cut the DOD budget by half.
    5. Schools are 95% free. You need to give them incentive to work by forcing them to pay a tocken at least.
    6. You don't get rewarded for having a 2nd and 3rd child when on assisted living you get a demotion in the money we give you as tax payers. After the second one, you get those sacks or tubes adjusted. I am tired of paying for people to be porch dwellers.
    7. Take over the tobbaco companies and use the proceeds to pay for healthcare plans. That ENTIRE INDUSTRY LIED to us about the harm of tobacco for DECADES. You don't reward such companies like the past 30 Congress and Presidents has done with MURDERING our family members. #$%$ are we that weak, as a conscience citizenship we should have taken action without the approval of Congress or a President or "their" laws which allow them to MURDER so many while the common man suffers. Take FRACKING for example, is the PRESIDENT and his FAMILY drinking a glass of fracking water every day but expects your family to do so? Is Congress and thier families doing the same? You do though.
    8. Find that $1.6B Jon Corzine lost and pistol whip the entire CONGRESSIONA ATTA BOYS COMITTEE that circled the chatanooga wagons around that #$%$.
    9. GOLDMAN SACHS is dissolved.
    10. Barclays is dissolved.
    11. 20X the SEC budget and remove numbers that stop SEC officials from investigating, cut those numbers down by 75%, just like they increased the Dodd-FRANK bill by 100X. Wow the cheats of CONGRESS allowed it. CADS THEY ARE!!

    Please share such topic at dinner.

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    • increased the numbers that were to be used to govern these BANKS, those numbers were increased by 100X from the original numbers recommended by those two. WHAT A SCAM this political regime has.

      "just like they increased the Dodd-FRANK bill by 100X"

      CIA doesn't have to be the worlds larges pharma distributor as it is curently to pay for covert operations. I am all for black ops and using laser guided tech to obliterate enemeies. We don't need a $5T budget though. USE THE NUKES WE HAVE.

      The FBI size should be increased and a special task force to deal with Congressional corruption and the lobbyists.

      Stop allwing Corp America from controlling us, soon they will have private armies larger and more dangerous than our current standing one. WOW!

      12. Limit terms to 2 only..8 years in total.
      13. FIre all of the EVIL REPUBLICANS AND EVIL DEMOCRATS and advance the other party officals in your local voting polls. Do we trush them, the media doesn't even write about voting booth tampering by officals. WOW!

      Start with that.

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