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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 9, 2014 8:09 PM Flag

    The idiot head line writer who wrote...Five years from U.S. stock market's low, it's joy versus worry

    "Five years from U.S. stock market's low, it's joy versus worry"

    A VERY SMALL GROUP ARE EXPERIENCING JOY, you idiot. THE REST OF us, the majority our cauldrons have been empitied at discount prices, pennies on the dollar for the past 5 years. You IDIOT. The minority have cashed in with purchasing them, YOU IDIOT.

    Maybe you are not an IDIOT, just a SIMPLETON that can be manipulated EASILY?

    Which is it?

    Maybe I am the idiot for not reading the rest of your article which may extrapolate to something else..let me go read.

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    • Cat all you had to do was ended with, to the IDIOT voters who keep voting a congress in that allows the US CITIZEN to be violated, cheers you IDIOTS.

      That would have been a spectacular and forthright article.

      Don't be afraid to call an IDIOT AN IDIOT, Congress describes the US CITIZEN with such adjectives constantly.

      Please share this with you fellow journalists, I will refrain from calling you a pseudo-journalists.

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