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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 16, 2014 7:34 AM Flag

    John Dingle is what is wrong with Congress

    Now Debbie Dingle wants his seat?


    Seats of Congress can be bought via lobbyists and corporations?

    Seats of Congress are now avenues of nepotism?

    This is what democracy is about?

    Auto industry..we won't forget that also John nor will we forget the NRA platform you stood on and abandoned.

    Extreme right winger..extreme left winger...which is fine but was it for political survival?

    Regardless they should not be able to make career out of politicans, all those years and no crime was committed, no shortcut unjustly taken, no palm greasing went on? wow....that truly would be amazing to see from a member of Congress the crooks who let us lose a credit rating for exactly whose gain? who was being reimbursed by whiom for what tax or bill? Anways, Mr. Dingle you should have been a MAN and said "hey I have been in office for too long and this is what is wrong with this Congress", but you didn't, did you? Fought WWII but you let the rest of Congress rape the US Citizen for decades? Your own party bought off votes via promises of civil libirties? truth be told.

    87 yr old man finally leaves Congress? You think he was competent? You think his mental awareness was a 100%? You ever work in a nursing home?

    Now his WIFE is going to be running, you poor voters should never let a legacy in office that would dominate well into 5 decades? WOW...those voters must be IDIOTS or abandoned all the principles of not having a KING or ARCH DUKE !! wake up.

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

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