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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 17, 2014 4:14 PM Flag

    Time to ADOPT Iranian LAWS - Legalized Marijuana

    We need a members of Congress to start introducing such laws for themselves and the FINANCIAL TERRORIST called WALL St., Their latest strategic attack...the Legalized Marijuana controlled FLEECING by the OTC boards.

    All of you investing in a sector that for Thousands of years has been profitable now all of a sudden will see companies become bankrupt.

    The GREAT LIE will be when the finish orchestrating another EPIC BETRAYAL by Wall St., while the SEC watches handcuffed by numerous factors the two most glaring ones...

    1. Loyalty to collude with those who they were appointed to their positions.
    2. The fact our IDIOT/GREAT President can't seem to realize he needs to INCREASE THE SEC WORKFORCE BY X100

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    • You are the Commander and Chief, you can't increase the budget for the SEC by X100 and like the IRS direct them to CRUSH any illegal activity in this sector? Not much of a commander than are you? maybe a PFC? Just saying.

      "There were at least 369 executions in Iran last year and possibly hundreds more that weren't reported, according to Amnesty International’s 2013 report on death sentences and executions."

      We need this for these people (CONGRESS AND WALL STREET FINANCIAL TERRORIST) and to stop others in the future. Murdering the Future of the US CITIZEN Families and Children should be DEALT WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. Time to stand up to CONGRESS and PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES and NEIGHBORS FUTURES.

      You think the media will do it, they only seem to be always concerned with when crimes are committed against their constituents and NEVER the ENTIRE US CITIZENSHIP.

      WOLF BLITZER and the rest of the WHITE HOUSE JOURNALISTS, stop being worried about not being able to command a question in the future. eFFFing hoping to going back to the White House therefore BETRAYING ALL JOURNALIST INTEGRITY. If your focus is to attend GALAS well than please stop calling yourself JOURNALISTS you ARE OFFENSIVE TO TRUE JOURNALISTS, who haven't been invited back to the WHITE HOUSE TO BE CORRESPONDENTS BECAUSE the CORRUPT DON'T like the truth to be written, do they? You have become instruments of manipulation by such,how sad you are now and disgustingly you sacrifice the health and well being of an entire nation so you can maintain your little plastic seat and moniker as WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT.

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress,the SEC and the OVAL door. Wake Up!!!

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