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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 18, 2014 9:48 PM Flag

    American Greed - Congress

    When are they going to put those Financial Terrorists on that show?

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    • Has anyone seen our GM shares money?

      Not sure how the bankers got to keep their skin and jobs? WTF. Congress is the answer?

      How did the UAW get to keep their jobs? You make lousy pizza for a month, your pizza business goes under, correct? Did someone come say hey here is the cash to help you fail for another 12 months? These guys produced a P/OS product and sold it to the US Citizen for DECADES and when they lose money how did they get to keep their company and job? So where the eFFF are our shares of GM? Dear Congress you eFFFFn P/OS.

      GM lies to the US Citizen and murders how many US Citizens? How are the executives who allowed and covered it up after doing a cost analysis allowed to breath the same air we do? How are they not on the FBI list? So you have blow somebody up rather than rig their vehicle and murder a US Citizen to get on the Wanted list of the FBI? Answer, Congress?

      We have to be dumb P/OS to allow such things to go on? I guess our nations isn't based on founders of liberty but entrepreneurs and their ability to gouge the US Citizen for their own profits. Wow!

      We aren't looking for UTOPIA, just justice served with extreme prejudice against all those that have committed cardinal crimes such as GM's Board of Directors?

      Make sure to keep voting for men who allow such men to murder the innocent. That is what it is, criminal charges of murder should be made. Congress instead peacocks in front of the media who themselves are so pathetic or not even advocates of the innocent and just aka the US Citizen. Next time Congress can peacock while your 7 month old child dies from a faulty buckle in a car that locks his or her child seat? Good luck tryting to protect your family, we couldn't do it against Big Tobacco could we? Those institutions should have been set ablaze 30 years ago instead of Congress pea cocking after MILLIONS were murdered.

      Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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