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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 10, 2014 10:08 PM Flag

    Price Rigging? Microsoft insider trading


    A bone does not make up for the CENTURIES of ABUSE and VIOLATION of the US CITIZENS.

    "Ex-Microsoft manager: 2 years for insider trading"..we alredy figured it out that this is going on, thanks for the 411.

    The US CITIZEN would like back the 75% wealth they have stolen from us and the time lost and lives.

    Can you reap that back? Else reap back 750% back for the time and another 1500% for the lives (as a token) god knows if there is one we would rather have Ole Dodge City JUSTICE exacted instead.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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    • In the days of OLE DODGE CITY...when a political figure talked out of turn they threw a bucket of water on him and sent him out the door.

      They are counting on you not to teach your children to stop voting for both parties, you should be wiser than them. If they are not wise enough to do the correct thing with out the taint of mainlining power and self preservation to retain a public office than perhaps the system itself has become archaic? Perhaps the JUDICIAL BRANCH needs to be re structured to make them a separate entity from the other two in namesake perhaps they are but by the state of corruption which is manifested our nations political system it screams otherwise.

      Teach your children now, we shall play the game of decades as they do, we will start instructing our grandchildren now the EVILS OF THESE TWO PARTIES AND perhaps in generation an EJECTION of these two political parties will come into play, if they don't make the foolish attempt to steal the last remaining 25% of our wealth, we are all dangerous men now is how this poker game should be played.

      We are not interested in protecting the 25%, now we are interested in entering homes of all those responsible and pistol whiping them during dinner under the flag a reformed U.S American Flag.

      Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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      • How did those who spent so many hours in lecture halls and exchanging ideas become so complacent to be regulated and led by a few to violating an entire nation's future? Can not the 300 stand to the 20 who you all can clearly identify those that have lost their paths who were placed in power? The 3000 to the 200. The 300,000 to the 2000. The 300,000,000 to the 2,000,000? It is time to communicate and start to light bright fires and use them as fuel for the fire as they have used our futures? Genocide of the American Indian was acceptable, Genocide of these is that acceptable to save a nation? This nation does need saving, rest assured, the avenues we follow well many in the Judical Branch turned a blind eye to in those decades? Such history, shall it repeat itself?

        Seems like the common US CITIZEN has become the American Indian and a war has been declared upon us, perhaps it is time for the common US CITIZEN to DECLARE AN "OPERATION FREEDOM/PURGE"?

        Are their families and reach of power that strong political that so many familiar to you who have gone of the path of civic responsibility that you allow them to carry on the ills? Their sliver tongues and jokes made at the end of sermons of diabolical language should not sway you.

        Allowing such ills to spawn even further over generations will require a slow and steady hammer and chisel by all of you. Else when the levy breaks rest assure many will be washed by this tidal wave, either this decade or 3 decades from now but you and your legacies will be surely amongst them. Why because so many of you who claim to be honest are not able to ban together to expose these ills. You excuse your own lack of action in fear of damaging the integrity of the U.S. Government and Political Machine. Fear not, it will survive if you are brave enough to start exacting justice for the US CITIZEN before the U S CITIZEN measures and exacts it themselves?

        Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table with others

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