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  • VolatileOne VolatileOne Feb 24, 2005 6:29 AM Flag

    Another great call

    I see that the great Merrill did not have an opinion to buy ADM in the teens. I just love the games that are played on wall St.

    Great call!

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    • i don't think there are not too many big boys shorting ADM...

      it is like shorting MO or any other consumed/used daily items....hehehe

      in my opinion, ADM should improve their divs just like MO.

    • Another dumbass who was taken out by a stop loss; when will they learn.

      When a stock is making a run, stop loss orders most often become "stop profit" orders.

    • Gotcha covered.

    • <<Short interest is under 1%. I doubt there's any short squeeze. Just a lot of smart people who didn't buy into the downgrade B.S.. >>

      I agree completely my comments were directed to discdriver alone.
      His post right after todays big move seemed desperate.

    • Short interest is under 1%. I doubt there's any short squeeze. Just a lot of smart people who didn't buy into the downgrade B.S..

    • iTS THE IDIOTS THAT LISTEN TO THESE COCKSUCKING LEECHES THAT PISSES ME OFF.Frankly, I believe they are all a bunch of fags that think they are impotant in the market place. THese punk ass bitches need to go with me on a REAL survivor island! They would never be heard from again, you freeking bitches.

      • 7 Replies to mm8nambu
      • mm8nambu
        Your bad language has earned you a position of dishonor on this board aka IGNORE.

      • Was the purpose of your message to discuss ADM, or show us what an ignorant slob you are?

      • mj I wrote you a message, then, I got all mixed up and lost it from trying to find the address of my friend ed. He is the publisher of my writings, Poems mostly.
        I generally do not pretend.
        Yea, we have quite a few shares of ADM, too. Tomorrow, there will be a few happy people who bought ADM shares today.
        Well, actually I was born at New Bedford, Mass. 11,14,15. I have British and Dutch ancestors.
        My Grandmother, (my Mother's Mother,) and her new husband, were kicked out of England because of her running off and marrying a low life captian in the Kings Guard.
        Nothing was missed for us offspring I sure.
        I'm glad I got to be in this wonderful America, away from the cast system, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I consider that we all are equal in our freedom rights.
        I especially like the freedom we have received from our ancestors decissions to be Americans. I do hope that the American citizens of today appreciate what they have and will fight to keep it. I had eight ancestors who gave everything for our freedom.

      • MM8 and all other such types ML loves your response. Just what the analyists want. Just think, down is an opportunity. Were you prepared to take advantage of a potential down?
        The ADM company also has an opportunity to purchase more shares in such an environment. I hope they did. Outbursts of our emotions do not solve the problem, they only add to it.
        If we would pause to think of how Wall Street operates, we could take advantage of the great opportunities given to us by the likes of ML and the birds that get shot down. Most people go after a stock in the latter half of the run up, and sell at the lower half of the run down. I invest for the long term, and I do not care what ML's analyists do or think. I'm not vulnerable to their hunting dogs, and will not flush like some bird brains do, so that they can shoot me down.
        Why do you want to give them credos with your emotional sounding off? They are laughing at you, all the way to the bank.
        If you desire to play the investing game, use your head, and acquire great wisdom from these experiences from the investment acadamia, in a positive way. Remember, there is a sucker born every second. Don't be one. YOU have the brains, I'm positive, but YOU have to use them. What greater thanks to God can we give but to use the gifts He has given us.

      • Amen to that brother!

      • FYI for the person with the RV...I found E85 yesterday at $1.98. That was .25 less than the 87 rated gasoline at the same station.
        There aren't many of the stations around that carry the E85 at the moment but am hoping they will be easier to find in the future.
        The Flex Fuel vehicle owners must have been very happy about the price.
        What an incentive to convert!

      • Why don't you tell the board how they REALLY make you feel! lol

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