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  • upsidetonograph upsidetonograph Jun 16, 2005 9:36 AM Flag

    Adm as defensive stock


    Saw an analyst on Tv the other day say it is possible that there could be a general down turn in the stockmarket sometime this year. His advice was to be into stocks with good dividends and essential services. I think Adm fits this category. Regardless of economy the world will need and buy Adm services and products. If the economy does slow people may travel less or buy less electronics and media stuff, but will still buy foods and commodities. This is why i think right now Adm is a long term hold and a pretty safe stock to own. If this analyst is wrong all the better for the stockmarket especially the commodities like metals and oils. I am thinking Adm will reach its target price (Yahoo target price) by fall.
    Any comments ?

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    • Then maybe hold it.

      The dividend stinks and there is plenty of competition for ADM.

      I'd buy RPM, pays a sweet dividend and they are big in the paint and roof sealing business.

      Everybody knows a leaky roof on home will decline in value faster than anythings else.

      Plus, RPM has been paying a dividend for the past 51 years... don't know of many companies that have a track record like that.

      Go check them out and you might recognize some of the products they sell.

    • They say all boats rise on an incoming tide...but on the realistic side ..i know from experience that a sinking boat takes everyone down with it..the pious,along with the washed and the unclean...i'm in adm for the same reasons you are...we get up hungry every morning..and the first thing we say is 'whats for breakfast..not where is my 42" plasma t.v....'but..with the crazy diaper-heads in the middle east waiting to blow up the world in the name of allah...i'm trying to keep an eye on the exit..and not let my enthusiasm sway my logic.

      rob clearwater fl

      ps..keep in mind that this is quadruple witching for the options ..and wide price swings on little volume can be expected...once the dust settles on monday afternoon..we should have a better picture of where we're the moon i hope..

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