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  • jkshiels2003 jkshiels2003 Feb 10, 2006 9:11 PM Flag


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    • Ethanol could be the catalyst to get the US trade deficit turned around, and save the US gov billions in farm subsidies. Imagine the country when Americans are producing the gas we need, verses all the countries that hate America (middle east, venezuela, etc). It would spur a whole new industry of buiding the infrastructure needed for ethanol delivery. It would create GM and Ford jobs. The US government should mandate that every station have at least one pump that sells Ethanol. I would buy an ethanol car tomorrow. This would be a huge shot in the arm for manufacturing in the US and the jobs created from the need to tranforn exsisting cars over to etanol. This all makes to much sense not to happen. The fly in the ointment is the oil lobby that has our President and Congress in their pocket.
      Because of the great US farming capabilities we could become net exporters of bio energy. Now I'm dreaming.
      The growth for ADM seems limitless. Right now ADM's market cap is less than one 2nd teir oil company(20 bil).
      Just some ramblings due to a boring olympic ceremony.

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