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  • scottrc5391 scottrc5391 Apr 12, 2006 8:48 PM Flag

    PEIX escapee

    hello everyone. I just got away from PEIX.... too crazy for my tastes, and no potential for profit this summer. Just thought I would ask you all, what kind of potential does this stock have when this company starts pumping huge amounts of ethanol out to meet the summer driving season demand? I am looking to put the bulk of my ethanol play money in this company, to offset any potential losses I may encounter playing with fire (the micro-cap ethanol stocks). I know Verasun is going to be a giant but I want to make money THIS YEAR from ethanol. What do you think?

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    • sell all your GOOG long position and buy adm.

    • Speaking of's going to be really interesting what happens w/that IPO. You'll be buying some huge profits that aren't in the prospectus right now. I'm sure it won't be until July or August before it makes its debut and it will more than likely be right in the middle of the best margins it will probably ever experience. I'm not sure how the underwriters set the price but I'm sure it will have a big run-up regardless.

      I'm w/you guys as far as bailing out on PEIX. I made my 40% in a couple of weeks and cashed in. I'm also heavy in ADM and am planning on picking up some VSE (Verasun) this summer when it IPOs probably at whatever it costs. I suppose that's everyone's plan though. Good luck. far as money to make before VSE IPO I'm just too scared of the micro-caps and I don't know of many other than ANDE which I bailed out of as well......maybe just stay big in slow and steady ADM.

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