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  • slimsitch01 slimsitch01 Jul 2, 2006 10:53 AM Flag

    it takes more fossil to produce ethanol

    Ethanol derived from corn, wood waste or fiber (cheat grass-sawgrass) alone can be made, it is a proven fact. Will it EVER give the same Octaine (Horse Power) to a combustion engine as fossil feul, NO. Anyone that has ever studied the making of alcohol knows one very important fact, it takes sugar to produce a higher proof (more alcohol) content. Corn and these other base materials do not generate enough sugar to create higher proof alcohol without the addition of sugar. To use sugar to boost the proof it would be adding even more cost to a failed way to produce Octaine in ethanol. [slim]

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    • << Will it EVER give the same Octaine (Horse Power) to a combustion engine as fossil feul, NO. >>

      Octaine? Did you mean octane? Additives such as tetra ethyl lead, MTBE, as well as ethanol were blended with gasoline to increase the "octane rating" of the fuel. This was done to reduce the tendency of the gasoline to auto-ignite or pre-ignite. "PING" is another name for pre-ignition and is the sound that can be noticed during acceleration of a vehicle that is using a lower octane fuel. Lower compression ratios and oxygenates were the compromises to horsepower that reduced "PING".

      fossil feul idiot

    • What?
      Are you talking sugar as in cane/been sugar or are you talking carbohydrates, which sugar is.
      It doesn't matter where the "sugar" comes from. Ethanol making takes whatever source of starch/carbohydrates or whatever you prefer to call it and turns it into alcohol.
      New technology is giving extra boost to the process and will continue to improve as we go along. That will give us better production results like getting the most band for the buck so to speak.
      The octane of ethanol is higher than what is normally found at regular pumps so that argument is out the window.
      I am not sure where you are going with your line of discussion but I personally think your understanding is severely flawed.
      There was some regular person here who explained the technical side of ethanol a while back. Maybe he will explain it again for you.

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      • you're an idiot. people don't buy ethanol because of its high octane not unless you're a race car driver. people are seeking ethanol because for cheaper cost to gas. but really that's not the case because ethanol contains 30% lesser BTU than gas and they're just as expensive as gas. you really can't make cheap ethanol because to make them you need fossil fuel. so, you'll end up paying more for ethanol for the same trip comparing to gas.

      • Ethanol from corn will never produce the same Octain as Ethanol made from sugar cain, don't know the exact chemical breakdown all i know is the more sugar used in making alcohol the higher the proof. Corn based ethanol is a failed process, costly to produce, unproductive to burn as a fuel sorce for combustion engines. If not for Gov. subsities it would never have gotten off the ground, and those making it will fail when subsidies stop. [slim]

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