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  • adamone9999 adamone9999 Dec 17, 2008 2:04 PM Flag

    Question - outperforming plan


    Consider where you will put the money? Where will your money get you better return right now without huge risks? I sold half my ADM at $43 just a short time back. When ADM dropped like a rock along with GM and other risky investments, I bought ADM at $16. I wanted to buy more but my investment adviser was against it.

    You might want to wait until this Community Organizer mortgage / credit market fiasco sorts itself out. Will the government start issuing 5 and 10 year plans and GUARANTEE your substandard of living or will we all have to learn to act like big boys and girls?

    If the money would pay off your mortgage. I would do it now. My home is as valuable to me now as it was a year ago. If you live in a house with a mortgage during a serious recession or depression it is not an asset. If you actually own your home it is priceless.

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    • Gm, big oil and financials have sold off and for good reason. Perhaps they have not sold off enough. adm has sold off as well and oversold. I dont think the sell off of adm was not based on logic but specuation. Adm last earnings was a big surprise on the upside. IF adm continues to perform with reasonable earnings and nice dividend one has to ask where else to put money to use. If the market views adm versus say big oil on a relative basis and the next earning report for adm is reasonable it could spur even further buying of adm. Maybe wait and see if adm increases its dividend as that could be a good sign. Of course its all up to you and you must do as you see fit.

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