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  • westtexasboy2005 westtexasboy2005 Feb 2, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

    Presentation At Energy Conference?

    What is the rationale for the big swings in this stock? Is their any reason why a larger company might purchase BAS? Will the Credit Suisse Energy Conference possibly excite it's current investors, and other investors, to somehow add shares and/or share value?

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    • no one is going to buy $BAS. the only reason you would buy $BAS is if you wanted to increase your own capacity without flooding the market with additional capacity, thus driving down price, or if you wanted access to $BAS clients. $BAS equipment is rather old, and large companies with deep pockets don't buy old equipment. also, $BAS serves small clients ("diversified customer base") that are looking to save money. large potential buyers don't care about these small fish clients. no, the bull case for $BAS is simply that 1.) they are very good at servicing these small clients. 2.) it's a highly profitable little place to be. 3.) the little guys aren't going away, and if anything, they should grow in numbers and their servicing needs will only grow.

      you should like $BAS because they make good money and will probably make more money in the future. that's it.

      now, if Pres O starts approving a lot of nat gas export terminals, then all bets are off. then $BAS becomes a growth story. then it's, "say hello to the most face-ripping bull market in onshore O&G you've ever seen" and tons of people would love to buy purchase $BAS, from private equity firms to large integrated oil service firms.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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