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  • ezwrighter ezwrighter Feb 21, 2012 12:34 PM Flag

    Other Missing Patents?

    With this press release:

    "The licensed technology underlies ICT-107"

    It makes me wonder if there are other key patented technology that IMUC is using in ICT-107 that they have NOT received licensing for yet?

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    • These patent discussions are always fun.

      IMUC is really building multiple layers of protection of their technology. The main coverage comes from the previously issued patent on ICT-107 and its composition of the 6 antigens used to treat brain tumors. In addition, they own specific issued and pending patents on certain other antigens such as IL13Ra and CD133. If you factor in the existing patents they already have on the use of antigen loaded dendritic cells used in combination with chemo, it creates robust protection for their proprietary technology.

      These are very strategic moves by IMUC management that really protect both the company and increase shareholder value in the long run. By layering manufacturing IP on top is creating additional protection around processes which are superior to DNDN.

      There is no IP around the use of tumor lysates as it has been routinely done, this will leave NWBO with little protection if any since they use tumor lysates as antigen in their treatment. ICT-107 cannot be replicated or copied since that patent is very defined and specific on its composition.

    • Oh yes, you're raising a very valid question here. I've always assumed that they acquired every IP they need for commercialization from Cedars Sinai.

      On a positive, they actively tackle open issues, unlike NWBO who claim that everything falls under freedom to operate.