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  • alexp1112 alexp1112 Mar 1, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    Buy or watch?

    I owned shares in IMUC about a year ago but sold. Good company with lots of potential. Their product is also targeting the pt population that I work with.

    At this point, do you believe it worth buying based on anticipated AMEX listing or buy at another time before data is due out for phase 2?

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    • Thank you. I agree with your assessment and independently came to the same conclusions. I think my holdup is a bit mental. The last time I bought...there was hype about AMEX listing and then the pps fell off. I lost a bit of money. This time around feels similar but the big difference is obviously that they are more advanced in clinical trials. And good results are anticipated. I will probably try to wait and buy around 2.2 and if it falls below 2, have enough flexibility to average down. GL

    • Good question. I think with an obviously pending AMEX listing and high expectations for solid P2 results it will go higher until results come out. My guess would be a $200 million market cap by the time the results are released. JMHO. The closer you purchase shares near 2 the better but it may or may not get back to that level.