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  • baybboy24 baybboy24 May 15, 2012 4:49 PM Flag

    I sense a pullback coming.

    If indeed true, this is imo the last chance to get in before uplisting. Broke through 2.70s at end of day today. Patience is key. Remember that theres plenty of shares bought in the low $2s giving sellers over 30% profit at the current prices. Glta

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    • No pullback any time soon. ASCO data too strong. Shorts are going to get squeezed tomorrow.

    • you are brilliant...please let me know your next call as soon as possible so I can do the opposite :)

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      • Dont know about you radicalrock but this looks like a pullback to me. My next call is that it goes up by end of this week. If not, definately by next week due to upcoming asco and possibility of uplisting 90 day wait period anticipation. So, you could do just the opposite of what I just told you and youll be okay. That one day pop that you saw was a SA fakeout- which to me are wothless news. You were fooled son. Me? You ask! Im in buy mode. Im using todays chart and tomorrows day chart to find an entry point. Like I said... This is your last chance. Sale will be over soon. LoL. GLTA

      • huh- youre new at this arent you? The only reason why this stock went up were the PRs from yesterday. So, dont get too excited just yet. Always look at a stock as glass half empty as opposed to half full. This way you avoid or limit your losses. When stock goes up, everyone is happy. Even when stock goes through the roof and then tanks to settle to your purchase price, its still ok. However when stock falls below your cost. It doesnt even matter if its 10¢ or $10, it hurts. In the very end... its the negative that really matters. So dont be so negative about thinking negative- Its a positive thing...Dont be gullible and think that everything is ok. Always look at what the opposit side is doing and be aware. Theres people out there right now blaming themselves as to why they paid $3.02 for this stock yesterday and now its worth $2.80. Oh well... Its a case of shoulda woulda coulda. Again, be aware.