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  • bilbungalo bilbungalo Apr 9, 2007 8:34 AM Flag

    Question? Have 4th Qtr earnings

    already been released in that headline last week. I'm trying to understand what today's news brings us if any posters know?

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    • The Company reported total revenues for the quarter ended December 31, 2006 at $5.57 million, representing the tenth consecutive quarterly increase in revenues for the Company and a record revenue quarter. Cash Equivalents this tonight's news?

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      • Regardless of what the board pumper may try to deny by slamming my legitimate posts, unlike his nonsense, here is a major fact that definately will NOT be discussed in the CC this afternoon.
        Why don't one of you brave souls ask this question. Since the moderator shows the list of incoming calls to MS and staff there is a very likely chance that my request will not be recognized. I pose a very serious threat to all those responsible for the losing position of the company. How can 5 execs, 3 directors and 30 (according to them) other empolyees eat up 9 mil plus? Thats an AVERAGE of $250K each, and we know those 30 aren't getting anywhere near that. This is why the company continues to post losses.
        But here is the questions I want someone to ask.
        They state they had revenue last year of $23 mil +
        Now when you look at HOW they derived that number things get interesting. Here is a breakdown.
        1) $9,409,000 Sale of stock (to you and me)
        2) 848,140 Sale of warrants/options to consultants
        3) 500,000 Short term sale of debentures
        4) 994,638 Exercise on options/warrants
        5) 525,000 Sale of preferred shares
        6) 5,000,000 Convertible debentures
        This adds up to $ 17,276,778. This leaves only $4,563,952 in actual REAL revenue derived from operations of Secure Risk. So anyone out there who thinks they are doing so great with these revenue nubmers is nuts. They are just creating revenue by selling shares. And of that 4.5 mil from those security contracts, thats a GROSS number. You can bet that after the SGA side takes a hunk, it lost money.
        THESE ARE FACTS. Just ask the company. Find out for yourself. To prove this, just read what I posted. It's DIRECTLY from their own documents. They plan on selling another $ 2Mil in shares right now. And it's only April. And FWIW, it's all legal. They are totally operating within the parameters set out by the SEC. And until shareholders step up, and put pressure on management the cycle will continue. And your shares that you have owned when there were 25Mil OS count are worth a whole let less with 52Mil. And we ain't done yet folks. Pretty soon they will "announce" they held another one of their shareholder meetings and authorized another 50 or 100 million shares.

        Why spoil a good thing. It's a blank check, cash cow scheme, and in line with all the other OTC and pinks out there. Time for a showdown. The company needs to cut salaries, benefits, options, warrants and trim the SGA.
        Look at the peanuts they spend on R & D. It's obvious they have what they want now, an overpriced flashlight, and a willing list of those accepting all that they do.