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  • mrkgffn mrkgffn Mar 26, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    Development stage now. Huge news

    Todays news was huge. After a year of being tested and vetted by U.C Santa Barbara they are ready to produce commercial models.
    Lower cost then conventional fuel cells that work off solar (artificial photosynthesis) and joint patent filed with UCSB on the anticorrosive coating.
    The system can also work with wastewater.

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    • BTW, nice to see you back, Tuner. BTW, the answer to your question is no. That's VGLS that has a cure for cancer, lyme disease, the heartbreak of Psoriasis, and the energy crisis. The special needs children who buy HYSR should hurry and buy some VGLS before it's all gone. Ultramaroons!

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    • Oh, really? Huge? Have they funded a manufacturing facility? Well, no. But, at least they've built a prototype unit? Well, no. But they have the design for a commercial prototype? Well, no. So what was the PR all about?
      Well, they breathlessly announce that they are ready to start to begin to commence to think about a product.
      So all you children start buying more stock, because little Timmy has to pay the PR team and himself, of course. Mark, is your brain cell lonely?

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    • does it cure cancer, cure acne, end hunger, and promote world peace too?

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