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  • basiarob basiarob Oct 2, 2000 8:29 AM Flag

    Message Board Survey....For NXTV


    What is everyones year-end price target. Just reply to this message and tell me what u think...thanx, Rob

    This topic is deleted.
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    • i ask mybroker that question one time when i
      still own this stock, he said this is a crazy one to
      own but i am still interested because i know that
      there is a potential for it to go up but that time i
      saw my profit from 18/share down to nothing in a
      matter of days. so it is very hard to predict a target
      price on nxtv.

    • Rob, I don't really know what it's worth, or what
      it's going to be. Even if the product is expensive we
      have to be able to make it work cheaper than rewiring
      all the houses in the world.

      I have kind of
      overall annual goals or expectations which follow a
      fiscal year that begins on 12 May.

      anything real odd, I don't have plans to sell at all.
      Although, odd stuff seems to happen.

      I do normally
      look at my stock. That is a good name for them, just
      like cows. One can find a break in the fence and
      before you know it they will all get away. It is good to
      count them from time to time.


    • $120. I've followed this company since before it even IPO'ed. I'm a techie and understand the industry. Their products are hitting on all cylinders.