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  • beatleman_or beatleman_or Oct 12, 2000 8:18 AM Flag

    The volume is not there to support

    I'm a very optimistic person but when it come's
    to stocks you can't get to optimistic. As much as
    I'd like to see this stock and several others in my
    portfolio move higher I'll just be happy to see that the
    end is near for this BEAR session that we are
    experiencing. I think it's important that everyone realize it's
    all in attitude. Think Positive and your portfolio
    will reflect your attitude. Also regarding the number
    of shares available, I agree with the person
    mentioning that there were few shares to be traded. When I
    first purchased this stock (which I still have my
    original shares) I had trouble getting them becasue they
    just were not available, this was a good sign. Been
    adding to my positions every since.

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