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  • kopn2000 kopn2000 Oct 18, 2000 10:45 AM Flag

    Why would you buy NXTV today if

    you can receive a 50% haircut by morning? I love this Co. but I will not buy more until the smke clears!

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    • If you think it's crazy to buy more today because
      "you can receive a 50% haircut by morning", why would
      you not sell the shares you already own, for the very
      same reason? Is the analysis different?

      answer my own question, and yours: The analysis is not
      different. You're not selling your shares (nor am I) because
      you think they'll go up tomorrow morning after the
      earnings report, and you don't want to miss the early
      rise. You (and I) recognize there's a risk that the
      earnings report will be disappointing like that of CMTN
      and COVD, but you don't think that risk is enough to
      offset the prospect for early-morning upside from a good

    • Mark my words if you don't buy today the Dust your talking about clearing is from the stampeed that just passed you by.

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      • <<Mark my words if you don't buy today the
        Dust your talking about clearing is from the stampeed
        that just passed you by.>>

        I'm very
        optimistic about NXTV -- ironically, more so today because
        some APPARENTLY similar companies (i.e. the "slow DSL"
        companies) are at long last being distinguished in
        investors' minds. However, I've been chastened a bit by the
        negative market sentiment these past two weeks. So I don't
        expect a huge run-up of the old sort that we all got
        used to with NXTV. I think it will move up, but that
        the real run-up will take a while, notably until the
        analysts have quizzed NXTV management, called prospective
        customers, talked with Motorola, Qwest, etc., to become
        independently satisfied that (1) customers are not planning
        cutbacks in capital expenditures that would affect their
        decision to buy from NXTV; (2) they will indeed buy from
        NXTV when they do buy; (3) they'll buy reasonably soon
        (ideally this quarter, but I'm not counting on any big
        orders this quarter), which in turn will probably
        reflect NXTV's success in cost-cutting measures that
        allow it to offer price reductions; and (4) Motorola
        will be there to help NXTV if NXTV bites off more than
        it can chew in committing to orders (i.e.
        installation, training, troubleshooting).