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  • trader_steve95404 trader_steve95404 Nov 20, 2000 10:10 AM Flag

    Monday morning-sinking deeper!!!!!!!!!!

    Down nuther 1 1/2 so far, what the hell's going
    on here, 23 9/16 now. I really feel for all the
    longs at this point, I bought Friday morning, but got
    out at the end of the day - figuring if the
    management is not saying anything - then "no news is bad
    I don't consider last wednesday's comments by NXTV
    as any thing too positive, apparently the market
    agrees with me.
    I'd like to get back in again, but
    kind of near the bottom, wherever that is !

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    • "I'd like to get back in again, but kind of near
      the bottom, wherever that is !"

      Come on in the
      water's fine. Why, you can buy for less than a third what
      I paid for the last I bought.

      I think stocks
      just might not be worth as much in a banana


      • 1 Reply to bigbrazos
      • it might be time to unload this DOG. I've been a
        true believer in this stock and company since before
        it even considered going public and now i've lost
        all faith in it. Personally I think the day traders
        got ahold of it as they did many other good stock and
        literally ruined this stock and the MM's are fighting with
        them trying to make it up by screwing with the price
        as they've been doing. At this point I wished it
        would just drop to ZERO so I can totally forget about
        it. My hats off to the short's for making this call I
        know I wouldn't have, knowing what I know about the
        technology. But as I've learned it doesn't matter what you
        know about the company the stock and the market are a
        completely different animal.