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  • beatleman_or beatleman_or Dec 1, 2000 7:42 PM Flag

    Re: **Strong Buy, NOT ** NXTV IS DONE

    This stock has seen it's hey day and is history,
    it's now a 10 to 20 dollar stock just like the MM
    wanted it to be. In today's market it's to easy to flip
    stocks like this and the many other Hi Teck's. Face it
    folks (Longs) we gambled and we lost. It doesn't make a
    damn bit of difference how good or how bad this
    company performs or whether or not Q get's the price
    breaks they want for NXTV's products. It doesn't matter
    that this stock has gone from 20 to 200 and back
    again. Look out there and show me a stock that's gone
    any where close to returning to where it's been and
    I'll eat my words. The big gains in the NASDQ is over.
    This is what the Big Dollar Dilberts wanted and this
    is what they got. They've got the Analyst by the
    short hairs and they're squealing out everything they
    want us to hear so that we contine throwing money at
    this market as they continue to take it.