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  • aosjdhdjduryffjfjfj aosjdhdjduryffjfjfj Nov 21, 2009 2:08 PM Flag

    No demand for DGLY products ??

    the only explanation for this being a $1.80 dollar stock and falling daily. Yes, the company has no debt, but revenues are weak and sales growth is poor.

    Dgly is a value trap.

    my 2 cents

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    • I dont think so the product is excellent and as the economy improves so will sales in the US, foreign sales have already increased and Us sales are starting to improve. This is a great product at a highly competitive price. The problem, IMO, is stated well in posts previously by some other posters who predicted that it would go down to this price when it was at 2.25 and that is the BOD and CEO who have given guidance that turn out to be wrong by a large amount only a week later and who gave the CEO a large bonus shortly after he talked the other executives into and said he and they would take a 25% pay cut for 2009 until they reached 50 million in sales. The bonus made up for his pay cut. And there are those that believe the salary cuts will be paid back along with more bonuses in Q4, see if you can find the salaries in the next financial statement because I doubt it will be announced or asked at the quarterly meeting since I wont be there. TOo far to travel and health reasons. I sure hope someone asks. I think there will be big raises next year also unless the people who threatended a proxy fight are serious and close to successful. Where have they gone?? no posts lately.

    • Take a look at the posted orders received to date and you may want to relook your comments. In any case, I continue to add to my shares. . .4th qtr is looking very strong. . .

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