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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Sep 25, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Point of interest regarding offerings,

    A few weeks ago, a stock I owned, CPRX, did an offering at $1.80. It had traded around $1.95 before the offering, and as I recall, it took off the day of the offering, and now, about a month later, it is $3.18, almost double what the offering price was. The old adage about offerings always being negative is not always true, especially when the stocks have valid products with good potential. When I saw IDRA only trade in red in pre market, then start rising on high volume, it was a sign that smart money was pouring into it. I will take my chances here. Thanks to whomever put out an alert on IDRA on a different board, I think on the APPY or CPRX board. glta

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    • This will now be around $2.50 in 2-3 weeks. I have gone through experience in ACAD, CLDX and CPRX. I am still long on them.

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    • Underwriters make a big difference and Piper is quality with large discrete institutional clients

    • mofisher,

      good to see you here! I have a feeling baker boys are buying more shares here.

    • And if the company feels the potential is so great, then why value those offering shares at 1.55
      Makes no sense to me, so I'm out for now.

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      • I was in ACAD where they raised money at $2 just 2-3 weeks before giving data. Look it's close to $30. I was in CLDX where they raised money at $5 and $12. Look where CLDX is now. Raising money is normal for small bio stocks.

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      • I do not claim to be an authority on such matters, but will toss out my thinking on it. The share price in recent days was as low as the $1.60s, so $1.55 is not like they gave it away for a lot less than existing value at the time. When money lending institutions and or investors buy in, especially something as high risk as a biotech with no income or approved drug, there is no way they are going to pay a premium, their bosses would fire them and those firms could easily go broke paying high money for risky propositions. However, on the other hand, it was a great deal for IDRA, getting close to face value and allowing them to get access to much needed cash. Other investors confidence is buoyed and the offering put a floor on the sp. With good potential products, now more investors with a taste for risk have piled in, considering now the financial situation of IDRA is better, and te stock is trading much lower than it did a few weeks ago, therefore making it seem to be a value buy. I certainly did some very fast DD this morning before buying, but one has to be quick or it is too late to get in at a low price, often times with fast moving stocks. jmo

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      • If you put it that way, then why CPRX offering at 1.70ish now trade $3+ or CUR around 1.60ish and ran to $3 and now trading in mid 2? Its all about the valued for longer term and the company potential man. They need money for bigger result of P2 which is coming soon.
        Btw, look at all the recent company and their offering was low and now they are up big.

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