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  • sharpllc sharpllc Oct 7, 2009 12:42 PM Flag

    Beware of Paid Stock Marketers

    Heavy marketing by paid marketing companies sucker you into stocks with dubious ability to survive on fundamental basis, pumping up their clients' worthless stocks so the insiders can get out, then you are left holding the bag wondering what happened and whether your portfolio will ever recover. How many times have retail investors been hurt by their "latest greatest stocks about to explode up"? CGCA is one of these stocks; it has been heavily pumped by many marketers including beacon equity research and stock_preacher. Other stock marketing and pumping services to beware of include and These are all paid advertisers whose job is to drive up their clients' worthless stock prices. Make sure your DD is not based on information from pump and dump marketers, or else you may get burned. Don't learn the hard way! Invest in companies with real and solid businesses, you won't get rich investing in false lottery tickets proposed by paid marketers.

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    • Hello Friends......I copied this off another message board in regards to CGCA today. Chilling....

      I went by the offices of CGCA late
      this morning. They were NOT empty, they were ALMOST COMPLETELY
      empty! Someone there has been shoving things around for a fast exit,
      what is left there, may be left there for the landlord of their mid-
      size Galleria-area building to collect and sell-off for non-payment of
      rent, that sort of thing.

      COMPLETE SCAM. I waited there, no notices, no one came by, one guy
      from a suite down the hall looked at me with a smirk, knowing probably
      what I was doing there exactly looking through the one window near the
      entry door. I bet everyone on that floor has seen reporters or
      investors nosing around for some eye-witnessing facts.

      The first floor directory does not refer to them as CGCA or Cobra Oil
      and Gas. In fact, their website is darn near a carbon copy of a
      'real' Cobra Oil company in Wichita Falls, Texas, and man should
      those guys SUE Ponzonni !! He stole half their web-graphics in
      putting up his own CGCA website. There is easily enough here to sue
      Ponzonni, even put him in jail. Anyone who actually invested in this
      mess should be reporting to the SEC and screaming for an arrest! The
      stock went from an OS of about 325 million shares, from .01c pps, to
      $1.50+ pps. That is a 15-bagger! Some folks made some money off this
      scheme, anyone left is in for serious debt. SELL NOW while you may
      have some cash value left, because this will certainly be zero when
      auditors get a sniff and the SEC order to rip open the books and any
      accounts they are stashing note values into.

      Anyone can do what I did this morning and drive over there. You have
      to park in the back, maybe pay a parking fee of about $4.00 for 30
      minutes, if one of the free spots on the garage's 1st floor are not
      empty. Sometimes you can park for a few minutes around the front.

      Massiamiliano Ponzonni belongs in Jail with his cohort Berry. This
      was a dressed up shell game at one time, so watch out. A lesson in
      how you can really run a boiler-room pump-n-dump scheme because the
      SEC is a bunch of nuetered and spayed bitches right now....


    • sharp you think its wise to buy now and sell when it reaches .90
      i dont feel comfort on long term, but short term, please advice

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      • ahmadabdoed, if you are thinking of going long while this stock is going down, you could get burned going counter-trend; unless you are a super day trader and think you can catch a counter-trend dead cat bounce and get out quickly before it goes down again, I would advise against it...

      • down to zero. This is not a real company. It is a scam. Any money to be made has already been made. The only hope is for the paid PR firms to begin another round of hype to get in other buying suckers to increase the share price, but that would draw more suspicion to Max, so he's unlikely to fund another round of PR. So... the pps will continue to decline. It will decline more rapidly as bagholders realize they better sell before they are left with nothing.

    • You sound like you have been there?

    • Excellent advice!