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  • pere_joseph pere_joseph Nov 10, 2009 12:45 PM Flag

    Question (for any honest person)

    No need to speak to him or her or phantom. This is a scam and you should stay miles away from this snake-field. A Cobra is deadly but a viper as well!! Read all the due dilligence done by other people on this board.

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    • securities_fraud_is_not_cool securities_fraud_is_not_cool Nov 10, 2009 12:51 PM Flag

      I know it's a scam and have reason to believe Max is Canadian. He sounds very Canadian and his previous p&d scams were run with fellow Canadians.

      Canada does extradite so Max better find himself a really remote place north of Whistler if he plans to hole up from the long arm of US law enforcement.

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      • Hello Securities

        Of course you know this is a scam!!Sbrown suggested we contact the FBI which seems an excellent idea. I posted the FBI email address for complaints & will put into a new topic hoping more will see it.

        It would be a pity if Max sets up shop in other countries. Have no idea if & where that might be possible.If the FBI cannot locate him and he is Canadian, maybe Interpol will get involved.

        I hope you find the info you are seeking - if I hear anything will post. Would love to help more but what can be done?

      • Securities and others,

        I hope you are right because more people obviously were taken today. I guess Max found someone who would send out an email for him today. It is such a shame because it would only take looking at the financials for 1 second to see no cash, no revenues, lawsuit over misuse of name, 1 "employee" with a terrible history and 14 days of bogus press releases followed by nothing. Not to mention the articles in the Houston Chronicle and abandoned offices..........and lastly all the DD available on this board.

        I am sorry for them and I hope justice is served.