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  • phayes502000 phayes502000 Feb 26, 2007 5:43 PM Flag


    Cobra is the key for this company. Has anybody ever driven a scissor lift? They are extreamly difficult to move into proper location. The Cobra solves this problem by being able to move in its own footprint. The scissor lifts today do not do this. This should be the companies main focus. Any thoughts?

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    • Thanks Shira..same to you

    • <"But infact this company has decided not to dialog with its investors.">
      Not been long enough since funding announcement to buy into it as a Fact they have decided not to dialog with the investors. Just not enough time has ellapsed and I just dont believe it is true. I "think" which is just an opinion, that they have chosen to release news in real time (or appropriately close to) when something concrete is or will occur.

      Filipov is a quandry which needs to be asked directly to management. Are you going to do this?? There may be more than meets the eye on that one..

      "<Look the stock can go to zero.....so be very very careful.">
      Scary but true and I am glad you post this somber reminder. But IMO this (disasterous events excluded) just isnt really a scenerio worth losing sleep over in the next few months. I cite the fact that they now have at least one (1) year of operating capital at this time...So yes - I suppose it could go to zero. But Why now??..This is why I have repeated myself a few times that this year says it all. Really forget about 1 year casue we will know far before that. The next 2-6 months will probably tell the story pretty well

    • no problemo picks, 7mm not macho thing but I can remember it. will keep watching this wacky wheel, maybe buy a few shares if news starts looking good. IMO things will pick up when IAF contracts are filled. wish I had the$ and the knowledge I would do A rental bussiness just to get the machines out there.. several posters have said the scissor lift is the one, and I think it would do well as a rental,hope you come through this week in good shape!!!! Shira....

    • I wish I could agree. But infact this company has decided not to dialog with its investors. Significant issues remain at least one is Filipov still on the BOD. This is nothing short of scandalous from te point of view of corporate governance. Do they really need somebody on the BOD because he can get htwem parts from Bulgaria? Not to mentin that he led them into the most harmful episode in the existance of the company , namely the bkptcy of Filco GMBH , which they loaned 6MM to and wrote it all off. WHY IS HE STILL THERE ??? Look the stock can go to zero.....so be very very careful.

    • SOOO Very sorry. Man was I off on the 7mm thing and the gender question completely. Cool dude..good to have you around..specially cause you never know when you are going to be in the need of a friend with a gun...IYKWIM and let me hear a LOL too

      YES I am hoping the best for all of us. Really..with the exception of some disasterous occurance..there really isnt any place but UP for us here. OK so there is plenty of space between .60 and .01 but why would this occur unless badness befalls us OR absolutely NO news for an extended period of time, which is possible, but I think we are past prolonged silence.

    • A dude, dude! 7mm is sporting rifle round.I feel pretty sure aitx will be awinner and pretty soon, I would like to scare up a little green and get in near term.looks like the price is right and with IAF contract revenue and good newsheaded their way!!drove fork lift for about 4 years but that was long time ago. good luck picks!! Shira7mm....

    • Sounds like a wise man. I hope so for my sake too!!!

      Yes I guess you should even out the decision. Selling at $4+ would have been good for me too. Had they been able to execute what they were planning I believe we would already be trading off the OTCBB and patting ourselfs often on the back. My comforting thought?? Although I didnt sell I did accumulate more at a very good price. The differences may make up for themself. Perhaps I would have moved on completely had I evacuated back then...EEEHH what can you do....we take our comforting thoughts where we can get them.

    • Perhaps a little known fact - they were in the process of applying for a spot on the American SE. This went south when the "wheels" fell off due the previously documented issues. Needed to maintain a certain Market Cap for a determined period of time. Close but NO cigar. I have NO idea if this going to happen again in the near future but it is my opinion it would certainly be a goal.

    • Can't bail. A wise man once told me you do not lose any money unless you actual sell, no matter how much the stock drops. He said 'always...' or was it 'never...'? I forget, but anyway...Hmmm, so I am going down with the ship or, on to glory, fame and riches with this friggin' wacky wheel, been here too long, just have that need to whine every so often. I do get TWISTED like the rubber man over this stock. I didn't sell when it went over $4, not selling now. When we hit $4 again, I will bail 50%.

    • Whats the deal with this stock getting on the NAS? Do they have an application pending? In what statement does the CO hint at them trying for this?

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