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  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Feb 28, 2007 10:51 PM Flag


    could you say that in english?

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    • i think you were asking me to speak english .contractors very seldom buy equipment .they rent .the sissor lift is never purchased it is always rented .on new and renovation sites.there will be a great demand for these units. workers beat the crap out of them .every trade uses them. equipment operators .continously move them all over the job site .i personly droped three .causing considerably damage.electrictions ,melt them painters paint them concrete finishers cement them .geting the ideal. they command a great turnover .in my opinion the cobra it is the money. the sidewinder is good but not alot of call.very few situations would demand this (the sideways movement.)the mp3 would suck on a loading dock it looks very cumberson.too much for pallets.i think there use would be limited to ships cargo ,very large mechanic repair shops,power stations.etc.i can vission use on other pieces of equipment such as ,hoverounds wheelchairs,cranes bobcats(skidsteers)or anything used to move heavy objects on a hard what i am saying when the sissor lift is in full will enjoy the profits. i own this stock

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      • You type good english. Can you do it in one of the ROMANCE languages

        well said.

        I do believe when they can prove to make and send them like a REAL manufacturer and when costs come down a little and the word spreads of the extrememly low maintenance...demand will rise for the SideWinder. Its also a space issue. Until its slammed in some faces (resistance/fear/or a "dont change the way I do things dude" attitude towards change is NOT lost on the warehouse and materials handling industry) - the masses will NOT believe the saving in warehouse space OR increase in saleable/usable warehouse space that could severely impact ones bottom line until its crammed down throats.... add that to the maintenance aspect and it will build/find a place for itself.
        OR OR OR
        ...a well seasoned completely established existing manufacturer in the materials handling arena will cease putting pressure on its customers to avoid this technolgy and either buy us out OR try to compete OR one way or another act as a catalyst

      • I have to agree, I am looking out my window at work, we are building out and its like Hi-def TV with the construction channel. They are sheet rocking the outside frame and contractors are using sissor lifts rented from United Rentals. Funny to watch them juggle back and forth 18 times to get close enough to framing. This will be a big market for the rental companies. Let's get the product built!